Avoiding Karma Revisited – 53

Have you ever noticed that when one ignores a fellow incarnate that needs help – moving quickly past them lest becoming involved, such as a beggar in the street, someone who has crashed their car or has been abused in some way, that you feel ill at ease? This is the feeling of energy being sent from the person in need to oneself, requesting the help that they need from you, which is being ignored causing disharmony. If one gets the feeling that one SHOULD help another, then they MUST help.

The discomfort felt in ignoring the request for help is also an indication that there is a need to help based upon a pre-incarnation commitment between the two incarnates to work with each other. Notice how the common thought “I should have helped there – but I didn’t” lingers for a long time. This is your opportunity to turn back and be the help that is requested.

Don’t forget, this may be an opportunity for clearing karma, ignoring that feeling may create more karma or re-enforce the existing karmic link. Why take that risk when one can help that person and go home with a song in one’s heart!

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