Avoiding Karma Revisited – 52

Resentment is a particularly low frequency response. It is a function of betrayal, expectation, personal comparison, and non- acceptance of one’s position.  Although it is a secondary function, caused by those other low frequency responses just noted, it masks the primary reasons for its existence and therefor masks its own existence. When one is locked in the downward spiral of resentment one places oneself in the “poor me” and “why them” category of individual thought processes.

The antidote to resentment is total acceptance of that which caused the primary function to come into existence. This is achieved by using the detached function of the “observer self”, allowing one to recognise the processes and events that led one to be in this mental condition. In recognising the process followed, one should then forgive oneself for taking such a route and forgive, accept and love those whose personal positions we have observed, and, considered to be better than our own. Even if they do appear to receive something for nothing, and always be in the right place at the right time, one needs to recognise that this is what they have agreed to experience whilst in the low frequencies of the physical universe, enabling them to experience, learn and evolve – as every other incarnate is – in their own way.

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