Avoiding Karma revisited – 51

Betrayal is an emotion that one feels when ones expectations of reward and recognition are not manifest. Indeed betrayal is even more profound when one works for another and the fruits of the hard work (that recognition which is sought after or expected) that one expects to have, is claimed by another. Betrayal can, and ultimately does, cause resentment if not recognised and neutralised by seeking higher advice or accessing higher knowledge on the need and requirement of the betrayer to commit the act of betrayal.

When one is betrayed in some way use the opportunity for being betrayed as an opportunity for gaining evolutionary content. Take the position of the observer self to look at the reasons for the betrayers need to betray you, take true pity on them and give that which they have taken, without asking, as a gift to them, re-directing the energies of betrayal to the energies of being in service, in service to the betrayer, loving them, being in total and instantaneous forgiveness, forgiving them for they have given you the opportunity to take the function of betrayal, and use it as an opportunity for increasing one’s personal frequencies, for experiencing, learning and evolving instead of projecting anger, hate and resentment.

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