Avoiding Karma Revisited – 50

Avoid debt to anyone and anything. Either financially, materially or benefit in kind. Debt is a control factor that leaves one under the control of the debtor. Debt of any kind is a link to the physical, tying one into the commitment of paying back the debt with interest, thereby compounding the debt and creating low frequency thoughts such as resentment and anger towards the debtor.

One should only have and recognise one debt, that which all entities sign up to during their creation, to experience, learn and evolve, passing on this evolutionary content, this debt of creation, to our creator, whilst maintaining this evolutionary content oneself. This is not a physical debt, linking us to the low frequencies of the physical, it is a debt of pleasure, of joy, of delight, of love, of desire to help our creator evolve by one’s own efforts in avoiding debt.

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