Avoiding Karma – 96

Grieving although an essential part of experiential existence in the physical, is if taken too far, a trap of the physical leading to Karma.
Grieving itself focuses on personal loss which is augmented by the passage of a multitude of shared experiences based upon physical presence.
Grieving brings great sorrow which is not a true reflection of those experiences enjoyed and therefore distorts and dominates the memory of the joy previously experienced.
The antidote, although sometimes difficult, is to change the focus away from the immediate loss and reflect on the years of joy experienced in the presence of the incarnate that has now departed the physical form, and, ascended back into their natural frequencies of domicile. Do not dwell in the past (previous event spaces) though, for this is another form of Karma. Instead, wistfully remember that your incarnate life together was such an adventure, and plan the next.


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  1. Nina Trček says:


  2. Buddhist disciple says:

    Good advice with regards to dealing with grief. I would humbly note however that karma may be positive or negative. Negative karma may be prevented from further accumulation by avoiding the three poisons, observing the precepts; and avoiding the negative karmic acts associated with body, speech and mind. Positive karma may be accumulated by earning merit through altruistic Mahayana deeds (which may also help one to reduce negative karma accumulated from one’s own negative karmic acts or those of one’s ancestors). I most sincerely hope this helps clarify the subject of karma in a small way for some of your readers _/|_

    • Hi, Thank you for your educated comments. It nice to see someone who understands. Karma does of course have positive components because karma is all about frequential attractivity, and, we can through good work gain attraction to high frequencies. Its just that most frequencies we get attracted to in the physical are low frequency hence the negative skew. Karma in my experience that is brought forward from ancestral roots is an act of high service by the incarnate to end that particular cycle on behalf of another associated entity. Karma brought forward from previous incarnations is residual attraction to low frequency attachment or deeds.

      The Avoiding Karma series is an attempt to illuminate the truth seeker to the things that can affect us whilst incarnate in a negative way whilst hopefully offering a way to negate it – creating positive karma and personal ascension – which if progressed, eventually removes the need to experience incarnate existence – promoting evolution from a purely energetic perspective.

      Humility – which we should all have, is a route to Avoiding Karma 🙂



  3. Joyce says:

    This piece on grieving is very helpful and I will read it again and again. The comments and your responses are also helpful.

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