Avoiding Karma – 95

Downward spiralling Karma is repetitive (cyclic) Karma that results in the gradual but ever increasing attraction to lower frequency existence with additionally increasing severity. In this instance the accrued Karma attracts more Karma (lower frequencies) the more one ignores the repeated learning opportunity, and actively chooses to avoid the corrective action necessary to arrest its development.
When one is caught in the clutches of downward spiralling Karma it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reverse the trend on one’s own. Unless of course this is part of the life plan. In this instance the incarnate needs to be in acceptance of the observations and comments of those around them who can see the downward spiral occurring and accept help when it is offered. This takes humility, which is a difficult personal thought process to adopt when “in the middle” of the spiral. It also needs true “resilient” friends to be the helpers of the incarnate stuck in this type of Karma, for they will encounter many episodes of resistance where they are not thanked for their help.


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  1. Marnie says:

    Guy, this is an excellent description & I can see this happening in my own life to a family member. I think in many cases this downward spiral is correlated with a personality that tends to lie to one’s self, and that extends outward to others, creating a web of fabrication. While I want to help my family member rise out of this spiral, I am finding it extremely difficult to be that “resilient” friend that you mention. My concern is getting pulled down into that negativity. Much like the saying ‘…if you hang around 12 bums chances are you are the 13th”. In sum, how can we be supportive without being a door mat and ultimately getting pulled downward into the Karmic mess of those we love?

    • Hi Marnie, Its difficult at best. One can only lead the horse to water, the horse has to decide to drink the water itself. The resilient friend role needs to be emotionally detached to stand any chance of avoiding being “pulled in”, which if it is a family member is a hard task to undertake. In this instance the best way is to detach by accepting that they are experiencing that which they signed up for in incarnate existence, whilst offering help in a subliminal way. In this way one is not overtly distressed when the help is repeatedly rejected, and, any help that is accepted is considered to be “own thought” rather than “received” advice, which is rejected without due thought. Stay subliminal with your help and avoid being the door mat, detach emotionally (taking into account the bigger picture – accepting it with love in your heart) and experience that which is happening as a by-stander. I send you all my love with this as I feel your sorrow and distress.

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