Avoiding Karma – 93

Incarnate mankind exists in a 2 year sphere, only relating to that which occurred in previous event spaces up to 12 months previously and that event space which relates to ones plans within the next 12 months. Existing in this way results in the constant exposure to similar or same experiences, should one not be capable of applying the content from lessons learnt in previous and similar experiences.

It is only when one has an event that creates a major re-focus, such as an accident, health problem or employment issue, that one brings in events from previous ”related” event spaces from outside this 2 year sphere, to assist in resolving the problem or introduce the processes required to re-focus. In these instances one moves out of the current physical reality and encompasses the inclusive “greater reality” which includes past, present and future events. Future events are only available to those with the right evolutionary content and subsequent base frequential aspects to support clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience etc.

Pulling in experiences from event spaces outside of this 2 year sphere is a clear advantage because one is able to recognize opportunities for not making similar mistakes to those previously made, which incurs Cyclic Karma. And this is the antidote, exist within the 2 year sphere, living in the moment as much as possible, but draw upon experiences from events outside the 2 year sphere as much as possible. Learning the lesson once and applying that learning to the experiences exposed to, is preferable to experiencing and dealing with that experience as if it was the first time. 


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