Avoiding Karma – 91

Aligning oneself to divine or cosmic knowledge is to remove oneself from the inaccuracies presented by the lower frequencies of the physical universe. When one is in alignment with the divine one sees through the façade of the physical, seeing it for what it is, a mode of experience designed to accelerate evolution through hardship.
When one is aligned to the divine knowledge one can work with the challenges that are presented to one in the full knowledge of that which is being experienced, and why one is experiencing it at this particular juncture in incarnate existence. This allows one to make the best of the situation, negating the need to experience the same thing through lack of learning the “lesson” the first time around.
To become aligned with divine knowledge one must be diligent, giving un-negotiable time to meditation, keeping an open heart whilst having an empty mind, allowing the greater reality of divine knowledge to take over from the transient “little reality” of personal knowledge we create whilst incarnate.
One can only become aligned to the divine knowledge through dedication to knowing the truth and devotion to the ways necessary to allow the door to the truth to be opened. It’s a lifetime’s work, but it’s more than worth it.


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  1. John Blums says:

    Your comments read almost like part of my own autobiography of my spirit quest journey, ending with the simple epilogue, in the understanding of Hermes Tris-Magistis words, ” I Am Above and Below “.

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