Avoiding Karma – 90

Divine love is all around us. It pervades the multiverse and is therefore part of ones very being.
However, if divine love pervades everything then why is it not felt by everyone and everything all of the time?
The reason for the lack of feeling of divine love is because we get engrossed in the day to day function of existence in the gross physical.
Experiencing the minute detail of incarnate life is what we incarnate for and as such it is a major distraction. If one is able to take a regular break from the day to day commitments we find ourselves making and maintaining, giving time for meditation and appreciation of that, all of that, which surrounds us, then we can link into the energies that are the gross physical universe and indeed the multiverse.
These energies were used by the Source in the creation of the multiverse by giving up part of itself, that which is the Source. The Source is divine love and loves everyone and everything it created. We are one with the Source and the Source is one with us, WE ARE THE SOURCE and we are therefore in love, divine love, all of the time.
All one has to do is recognize this by opening the heart during meditation, accepting everything that is, allowing one to see past the physical, linking in with everyone and everything, recognizing that we are all one, that we are all one in divine love.


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  1. Padraig says:

    Thanks Guy. That IS beautiful.

  2. Erik says:

    I just finished “The History of God” whilst soaring on an airplane flight back home to California with my son and wife (merely hours ago we walked in the door of our apartment). This post compliments rather nicely my experience of reading that fantastically challenging read. So much gratitude for your being and your work. It took me a considerably long time to finish because I probably read 50% of the book 3-4 times over. If even a single sentence didn’t “click” with my understanding – I could not allow even a single line to pass. Each line, each paragraph, each chapter and the book as a whole provide a vital light. I know I’m not along in saying; thank you for leaving these lanterns along the darkened path we find ourselves strolling.

    Tonight with dusk at the window and a smile upon my face I turn to page 1 of “Beyond The Source”.


  3. chris woods says:

    Erica,are you in for a treat 🙂 x. The truth does the work Erica you will love your journey. This post is the answer to a question i ask the source in the link meditation, yup that puts time where it should be,in the illusion of this dream.. Thank you brother and it’s great to hear another seeker getting excited with faith which beliefs have nothing on. Namaste brother.

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