Avoiding Karma – 76

Avoiding Karma – 76

The minerals that we use to create metals, ceramics, fuels and other materials are a gift to us from the earth. The earth in its sentience recognizes that our incarnate “human” vehicles are the tools we use for accelerating our evolution, and as such supports that which we do with its minerals provided we use them for high frequency existence, resulting in an increase in evolutionary content. When we abuse this gift through inappropriate mining, extraction and refinement techniques resulting from personal and corporate greed, the earth suffers as a result and “we” gain “earth based” karma.

Inappropriate mineral extraction causes an imbalance in the ecosphere affecting the stability of the earth’s crust, its magnetic properties, its atmosphere and its weather systems, all creating further imbalance and ultimately adversely affecting incarnate mankind’s ability to work with the earth and attract evolutionary content.

The earth is our benefactor and the incarnate entity who realizes this works with the earth in a high frequency harmonious way, maximizing its evolutionary content as a result, negating karmic links with the earth.


3 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    We can help the Eart, sending her Love, Healing and Blessings.

    • Yes you can, and by sending her energy. 🙂

      Thank you


      • Eva says:

        Yes, Guy. I am sending her Quantum energy, many times, as she is healing and supporting me with energy from crystals, minerals and other stones.
        I feel I’m in good relationship with Mother Earth.
        Thank you for caring for her. More of us, better for Humanity…

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