Avoiding Karma – 67

Fear is without doubt a low frequency emotion. One can be in ”fear” of something without even recognizing the emotions as fear, or indeed, a low frequency emotion, focusing on that associated with incarnate existence rather than that which we are, a very high frequency energetic entity momentarily incarnating in a physical form for evolutionary purposes.

As one becomes absorbed by fear one is absorbed by attraction to the lower frequencies by default, and as such ones evolutionary progression is held back until one recognizes and, is able to resolve, the attachment to this emotion and its low frequency energy. This can only be achieved by dedicated meditation on attaining full and direct communion with our creator, leading to our recognition of our divinity, oneness with our creator and subsequent infinite longevity or immortality as an individualized unit of our creator, God.


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  1. Erik says:

    What if I like the feeling of fear when I do risk taking sports? I love the flowing expression of surfing and sakte(boarding) and fix-gear (bicycle) racing. But there is a sense of fear mixed into the freedom of “flowing”. Also; what if I enjoy being scared by certain genre films? Is all fear “equal”? I like scary movies but to be clear I don’t like cruelty to others at all. Some films are too real and cross a line for me and I can’t watch them. But if they seem “unreal” to me; I might enjoy them.

    • How one enjoys ones time in the incarnate state is up to them. However, attachment to any stimulus that is borne from low frequency existence is therefore an attraction to that low frequency and therefore a function of Karma. Karma is what keeps an entity in the need to re-incarnate, and the need to re-incarnate is a twofold issue; one to remove the need for addiction to low frequency stimulus and two, to experience, learn and evolve by experiencing such low frequency existence. The trick is the be in the physical, work with the physical BUT not be OF the physical.

  2. Erik says:

    Thank you for replying! The last line in your response was especially succinct and struck a chord. I have so many questions; it’s wonderful to read your regular blog updates. I can’t thank you enough for sharing what you’ve come to know.

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