Avoiding Karma – 66

The ego is ones “on-board” method of creating self-generated karma. Beware of the ego, become used to its ways of creating karma when working with the physical environment. That is, working with those who are also incarnate. The ego is a transient condition created during the incarnation process which dissolves when incarnation ends and as such does its best to perpetuate its own existence, in ignorance of the fact that it cannot ultimately curtail its inevitable demise. In its ignorance however, it perpetuates itself by luring the incarnate into a false sense of innocence, making one negate its existence by making one attracted to materialistic thoughts, actions and habit that make one “feel  good” about ones “self” through falsehoods. Such conditions that make one feel good are known by vigilant incarnate individuals and can be identified as, position, status, appearance, belongings, influence and credibility with others.

Clearly one generates some of these subjects through “good living” as well, whilst also being aware of karma, but this can only be achieved if they are generated outside of egoist influence and are received in humility.


4 Responses

  1. Marita says:

    In a nutshell: Materialistic things.

  2. Marnie says:

    Well stated. It’s like the difference between an understanding of the word happiness vs. experiencing the knowing of happiness. Ego understands the word without the experience of knowing the meaning of the word- the knowing is where humility arises. So, how do we all increasing our experience of knowing? Seems to follow that when we do this, we will no longer be subjected to ego-derived karma.

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