Avoiding Karma – 57

Respecting ones environment, the land, the trees, the sea and the animals is to respect oneself .

Respecting oneself ensures that we live in a higher frequency than that which we are incarnate into.

If when we recognise that we are all one with our fellow incarnates, that we also recognise that we are one with our creator, our Source Entity, our God, then we should now recognise that we are one with the rest of that created by our Source; the multiverse, the physical universe, the galaxies and planets, the nebulea and stars, the earth and its flora & fauna .

In recognising this, we naturally respect these as we respect ourselves, our localised selves, and as such we treat everything in accord to how we treat ourselves; with respect, with kindness, with love, with wisdom and with oneness.


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  1. Eva says:

    So easy to understand, but so hard to do for so many people.
    Children should be required to learn about this in school, if not from parents.
    Thank you, Guy… for reminding us!
    With blessings,

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