Avoiding Karma – 54

Tuning in to the greater reality of one who needs help will allow a level of understanding, and, ultimately validating their need, or not as the case may be, for your help – your service.

If when “tuning in” one feels that it is not necessary for YOU to be their liberator, and this is not a “way out of being of service”, then one can move on, because there is no karmic link between you both. However, ensure that the “tuning in” takes into account the possibility of creating karma – even if no karmic link was initially apparent.

Just because there is no link between two incarnates it does not mean that one cannot be created through neglecting the opportunity to be of service.

Those who request help, but do not need it, run the risk of creating their own karma – hence the need to tune in first. In this instance, gracefully declining help is helping to ensure that they do not accrue karma – linked to you, through false requests – which, is being of greater service in this instance.


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  1. beverly moyers says:

    Dear Beverly,

    When you are on my website there is an unfollow button hidden under the “following” button either in the black banner at the top if you are a wordpress user and logged in or on the bottom right of the home page if you are just in your browser. Sorry this is painful for you I am learning how to drive this software myself!



  2. I can’t see how to delete you my side as checking the system you pressed the follow button on my website. do you have a wordpress account because if you have you can unfollow from there. sorry for being low tech on this. I will keep looking.

  3. Ah, look for the “follow” button on the black banner at the top of the website, if you hover over the “following” button you see it change to unfollow you can click on it and unfollow me that way. thank you

  4. And some times the unfollow button is on the bottom right – nothing is simple is it

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