A message from the Source

Dear Souls,

Please find below a message from the Source that was transmitted today on my newsletter.



SE: The frequencies of the Earth are continuing to fall and although an upward turn is in sight many of you will be experiencing some of the lower frequency thoughts behaviours and actions associated with it.
Lack of understanding, not listening, lower levels of belief and trust together with impatience, frustration, no motivation and lack of responsibility for ones actions are all functions of this lower frequency. Those who never argued now argue, those who trusted now do not, those that were tolerant are now impatient / frustrated and all of these interactions create further reductions in personal frequency adding more and more inertia to the downward spiral.
In order to combat this I urge you to stand back, take a count to ten and see a bigger picture, one where you can see how minute the so called big issues really are, how unimportant it is to do things in a rushed and incomplete way, give people the benefit of the doubt and work in their way rather than ones own selfish way. Be the Willow and not the Oak – bend with the lower frequency wind and let your spirituality survive, not break and let your spirituality die. 
Remember, ones ego grows and thrives in lower frequency thoughts behaviours and actions, stifling ones spiritual progression. Standing back and counting to ten allows the observer self to come back into its power, allowing spiritual growth and removing the power ones ego has on one.


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  1. Robert says:

    This message came just in the right moment, because mentally and spiritually, the last month was quite a bumpy ride! Thank you!

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