A Chance to be part of the “World Enlightenment” SKYPE Conference

Hi Everyone,

I am setting up a SKYPE conference for “like minded people” who are interested in becoming self aware and enlightened to join. This will be on a weekly/bi-weekly basis at a time in the day that can be used by most people world-wide. There will be a common agenda but it will include discussion on all things spiritual including; The Source Entity, The Origin, evolution, ascension and other relative subjects. If you are interested the group name on SKYPE is called: “World Enlightenment”. Please email me on thehistoryofgod@btinternet.com and request to be put on my SKYPE address book where I will add you to the group (send me your SKYPE name in the email).

I look forward to seeing/meeting you-worldwide and being in a World-Wide SKYPE based spiritual activity that will help accelerate the ascension.

Stay Light



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