21 December 2012 (Plus 1) – Still Here! So What Happens Next?

In short, the ascension is a gradual and not dramatic process, so BE PATIENT!

However, for those of you who want more detail, the text below is a channelled message from the Source Entity for those people who, convinced that they would ascend on the 21 December 2012, find themselves still on an Earth that is no different from the day before the date of the ascension, and subsequently find themselves confused.
SE: Those of you who are spiritual and expected to ascend know this; you are not to be disappointed, for that which was expected was simply a version of the truth that had been distorted by the minds of man.

Firstly you need to know that your frequential ascension is a slow, gradual, robust and repeatable process, and so the large changes that have been expected will not and cannot happen. In fact, the frequency level expected to be attained on this date was achieved and surpassed during the month of February 2012.


There was an increase in the base frequency of the gross physical aspect of the universe occupied by the planet Earth that took place on the 21 December 2012. Although it was a minor change it was nevertheless large enough in magnitude to be detected by those of you who are sensitive to changes in frequency.

This change will be enough to allow those not previously capable of questioning their environment to start to do so, providing a prerequisite condition for future awakening. Those of you that are spiritually inclined will become more intuitive, whilst individuals that are aware and awake will experience a deeper level of connectivity. All of this will develop in the same slow and gradual process as previously experienced, enabling the incarnate entity the opportunity to gradually acclimatise to their new functionality in a way that is not detrimental to the personal aspect of ascension by the development of ego, ultimately resulting from personal comparison with others. This would be a negative step and would negate the increase in frequency through negative triangulation.
Note then that everyone will be affected by this minor increase in frequency, including subsequent increases and the normal gradual progression up the frequencies, in a way that is consistent with their personal and spiritual development.

So, in terms of what happens next then……

What happens next is up to the individual incarnate entity in how they work with that which they are, that which they can affect, and that which affects them, recognising the changes within and without and acting upon them. Recognition of these changes, which will be subtle at first and then developing them in a non-egotistical way for the benefit of others, is the first step to assuring personal ascension.

Multiple aspects of the behaviour patterns associated with personal ascension work in tandem with the energies associated with triangulation because the end result is an increase in evolutionary content, and as such, affect the individual and the masses alike. Recognition of this and the need for the promotion of these processes, will assure further global frequential progression, but this is up to you all to work with.

Therefore do not worry about that which was expected to “be” ascension-wise, but work instead with that which you want it to be, an increase in the speed of this gradual, repeatable and robust ascension, committing yourself to assisting in its acceleration, for it is part of the process of removing the need for low frequency incarnate experiential existence.


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  1. Eva says:

    Oh, thank you so much for this kind explanation, Guy!
    What a relieve… many might thought they were not successful today 🙂
    But every your insight and channeled information help us to understand and
    to follow.

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