Healing Testimonials

These are some comments from clients who have received an energy based healing from me.

“Thank you Guy, I feel better already”.



“My back now feels fine – Thank you”

Clarence Q, US



“Dear Guy,

I hope that all is well? Just a couple of things to share. The healing was very powerful and the change immense.”



“It’s really great news about “R” he’s feeling so well and he felt the healing with you was very very significant.  I noticed a lightness in him almost immediately- so it’s really wonderful, thank you.

Speak soon,

Best wishes

K M, UK”


“Hi Guy

On “T”‘s behalf thank you so much.  He looks so much better and he feels much much lighter..he’s so happy he connected with you and had the healing.

Best wishes



“Dear Guy,

It is not that you should thank me. All thanks are just your and only your due. All this time that you took to help me and the kindness with which you have done so leaves me almost speechless. Even while we still do not know of its effect yet, being so short after the healing, but already I feel so uplifted and blessed by what you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Later that year and with supplementary “physical” treatments……. (“D” was not previously able to cope with chemotherapy !!!)


Dear Guy,

I just had the first results of the blood test after a month chemo. The end result concerning the plasma cells will be only in three weeks, but the accompanying protein that follow the plasma cells indicate a significant reduction, meaning that also the plasma cells will have reduced as well. So the cure works!

Love D

D R, Netherlands”


“Hello Guy,

Thank you for checking up on me.

I definitely feel better. I drank my water as you recommended. 
Since the healing I feel lighter and less mentally drained. I also feel a
renewed energy to give to our “almost 4” yr. old son, which prior to the
healing, I felt my mental/emotional resources were drained.

I felt that prior to the healing, my heart was so closed that I
haven’t been able to really show or receive the love that I know I should
be experiencing so I think the healing has opened me up a bit more.

Another thing is that my environment actually looks somewhat different to
me…hard to explain really, but it’s like I recognize everything, it just
seems a little unfamiliar…maybe the lighting as well. So I’ve been
“adjusting” to my new reality, so to speak.

Well, all around, I believe, I’m doing much better. Thank you so much for
helping me with your incredible healing. The energy you share is so loving
and powerful and I know and am excited to see more changes in the
days/weeks/months to come, as I feel that the healing will continue to

Love and light,

C A, US”


“Happy Friday Guy,

I thank you very much for this HEALING!

I’ve had an EXPLOSION of ENERGY! 🙂

Contagious JOY!

Thank you 🙂




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