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Hi Everyone, I am setting up a SKYPE conference for “like minded people” who are interested in becoming self aware and enlightened to join. This will be on a weekly/bi-weekly basis at a time in the day that can be used by most people world-wide. There will be a common agenda but it will include […]
Helping those who need help without the expectation of a reward, is a gift you give them from God.
Question yourself; If we exist on the 3rd Dimension, and we are ascending to the 5th Dimension, what happened to the 4th Dimension. We are often told that “Time” is the 4th Dimension but if time does not exist except in the minds of men then the 4th Dimension does not exist. So if the […]
The Way forwards is not the way of the material world, for association/addiction with the material world creates dependence on that which we believe is necessary for maintaining our existence. The trappings of the material world are there to keep use rooted in the physical, believing that this is what we really are. We are besotted by the Gucci […]
To move into the Source Entities Multiverse whilst incarnate we need to recognize the physical universe for what it is, and what it is not. It “is not” the true reality, “it is” an opportunity for individual evolution, “It is not” the be all and end all, the opportunity to be the dog that ate […]
Welcome to my Omniverse From here the door is open to a deeper meaning to our existence and an understanding of the Spiritual Physics of our energetic environment. Here we are not limited to a Universe, or indeed the Multiverse created by our creator – The Source Entity our God, but are exposed to that […]
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