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Beware of addictions, especially the minor ones that you may consider to be not an addiction but more of a preference. Addictions of any type are a constant ink to the low frequencies. Minor addictions are insidious and invisible to all but the most vigilant of truth seekers.
If we are all one, how can we be singular, and if we are all singular, how can we be all one! The answer is that we are all the “collective totality” of the entity we call God.
Look at your fears, where are they anchored, are they about work, relationships, possessions, appearance, personal credibility or money. Any of these are fears that are based in the physical environment and are not that which you would pay any attention to in the energetic. If you would not pay any attention to these, or […]
This post is based upon a question, with a subsequent response by the Source Entity, by SC in Orlando How much knowledge of suffering does the Source Entity need? And, where does reincarnation and Karma fit in? SE: The Answer is none.  I require no entity to suffer in any way. Mankind creates his/her own […]
There is no separation between us, each other, the Source and the Origin. We are one with God and God is one with us. Why seek externally that which is always within.
Stand back and look at what you do on a daily and automatic basis. How much of what you do is necessary for you to survive, and how much is addiction to physical “pleasure” that is based upon an automated action/response. Give up your addictions and you will lose automatically generated Karma.
When we create we manipulate energy When we heal we manipulate energy When we communicate we manipulate energy When we help others we manipulate energy When we change thought into action we manipulate energy When we use our will we manipulate energy When we travel we manipulate energy When we eat we manipulate energy We manipulate energy […]
Dear Souls, Please find below a link to a great Podcast created by Glenn Pendleton, Host of the Podcast website “The Sons Of The Law Of One” based upon the text from The History Of God and messages from the Source Entity. Its a fantastic way to spend a chilled out hour. (Look for March […]
Dear souls, Please find below a link to the Special Earth Healing Meditation the Source Entity gave to me. AMR file of Earth Chakra Meditation You will need a Google Apple Quicktime “plug in” and will ask for permission before playing For full effect this 15 minute meditation should be performed once a day. Namaste. […]
Jealousy is a rather invisible method of attracting the lower frequencies as it acts in three ways. Firstly, we can be jealous about what another has “ownership” of, creating an association with the physical by desiring ownership of what someone else owns. Secondly, we can be jealous about what another has “made” of themselves in […]
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