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Start every day as if it is a new day, as if it is your first day on earth. You have no troubles, you have no enemies, you have no worries, you have no concerns. Consider that those things that one has to do, are a joy to do, that they are a challenge to […]
  Resentment is a particularly low frequency response. It is a function of betrayal, expectation, personal comparison, and non- acceptance of one’s position.  Although it is a secondary function, caused by those other low frequency responses just noted, it masks the primary reasons for its existence and therefor masks its own existence. When one is […]
It is the light within that is without. Unless you are able to accept that your light is within you will not shine without. When you accept the light within you will be in the knowledge that you are a beautiful being, one with your creator, perfect in every way and that nothing can affect […]
Betrayal is an emotion that one feels when ones expectations of reward and recognition are not manifest. Indeed betrayal is even more profound when one works for another and the fruits of the hard work (that recognition which is sought after or expected) that one expects to have, is claimed by another. Betrayal can, and […]
Triangulation is a known and recognised phenomenon within the spiritual or scientific communities, although within the scientific community (it is used for surveying the land and other functions), it has an entirely different meaning. We sometimes call it the 100th Monkey Effect or Principal. From a spiritual or frequential perspective it operates in this manner: […]
SE: There has been much conjecture on the meaning of dates of spiritual importance, that they represent a mass ascension of some sort. When these days pass and nothing appears to be different, the sceptics roar with laughter and the spiritualists who promoted such a heavenly future have to back peddle – fast. This dialogue […]
Avoid being in competition with others on all levels, including spiritual levels. Competition occurs when you are enticed by the wishes of others to improve beyond your current capabilities, with the performance of others being used as an example of where you should be, specifically if they are supposedly better than you. Know this – […]
With the rather interesting statement by the Source Entity that the particle that was recorded in the Large Hardron Collider at Cern was not the so called God particle but the shadow trace of a Tacyon, I asked the Source for clarification on how a Photon could become a Tacyon. ME: How can a Photon […]
With the rather exciting announcement that scientists had potentially discovered the “God Particle”, the Higgs – Boson, I asked the Source Entity to clarify what was actually happening. SE: Dear one, To look for a particle that is, in singularity, to lead towards “Me” is folly for all particles are part of my multiverse and my make-up, […]
Contentment is a double edged sword. When we are content we are ripe for working with the physical, whilst being in the physical but not being of the physical. We are not attracted to those lower frequency attractions of materialism that create a karmic link to the physical, arresting our personal ascension through the frequencies. […]
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