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Remembrance, particularly remembrance of who and what we are, and why we are here, is the ultimate key to avoiding Karma. Through diligent daily meditation the incarnate individual can establish communion with the greater reality and gain comfort that incarnate existence is but a transient part of his/her total existence, whilst understanding their part within […]
Smiling in the face of adversity is an excellent way to remain in high frequency existence whilst incarnate. Smiling in the face of adversity means that one is not consumed by the lower frequencies of the adverse condition but is “in joy” at the opportunity of dealing with the challenge/s presented by it.
One can listen to the words of a master, but one can only agree with those words if one experiences that which is the basis of the words first hand – through the masters teaching. Otherwise it is only belief, and not knowing.
In short no, but let’s understand why. Location and alignment of the planets is not relevant from the perspective of ascension. What is relevant is the frequential location or alignment of that which is evolving. Physical location is simply a location based upon the mathematics of the natural movement of a number of planets’ physical […]
In short, the ascension is a gradual and not dramatic process, so BE PATIENT! However, for those of you who want more detail, the text below is a channelled message from the Source Entity for those people who, convinced that they would ascend on the 21 December 2012, find themselves still on an Earth that […]
Suicide is method of gaining massive instant Karma. Karma accrued as a result of suicide is gained in two ways. Firstly; for terminally defiling the gift of the physical vehicle, which are in short supply in comparison with the huge number of energetic entities requesting incarnate existence. Secondly; not as a result of the act […]
The Source Entity advised us in a previous article that the ascension of the human vehicle through the frequencies was a gradual, sustainable and repeatable process that was happening on a regular basis. It stated that: Proof of a gradual ascension can be observed quite freely by the eagle eyed amongst you. The proof is […]
When we are in the energetic we are totally free, have instant communication with our peers and our creator, we have no constraints and we are not encumbered by a physical body – we are in our normal high frequency hi dimensional environment. When we are incarnate we are trapped in an extremely limited slow […]
Ignoring the needs of one’s siblings or children in terms of providing love, care and wisdom is similar to ignoring one’s “self” in this respect. Moreover, in terms of providing a spiritual education when one’s children or younger siblings are at their most impressionable, it is tantamount to actively “denying” the child the opportunity to […]
Respecting ones environment, the land, the trees, the sea and the animals is to respect oneself . Respecting oneself ensures that we live in a higher frequency than that which we are incarnate into. If when we recognise that we are all one with our fellow incarnates, that we also recognise that we are one […]
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