Day: 28 April 2012

Beyond the Source is now on Pre-order at Heres the Link:
The sub conscious mind is but a intermediary sub set of that which is the captive energy associated with the physical. In this respect it is just above the conscious mind. The problem here is that the “mind” conscious or sub-conscious is a transient phenomenon which is only in existence whilst incarnate. It is a […]
Event Space is, in effect, the energetic and incarnate entities “personal” creation of a parallel universe (not to be confused with simultaneous universes which are a function of Dimension, Sub-Dimensional component and Frequency), which interfaces with the event space of those around us. In effect the recognizable aspect of the local universe is created by […]
A good spiritual friend of mine (CW) was given a metophoric message and asked me to decipher it for him – with a little help from the Source Entity. I now think it is so wonderfully relavent to everyone who is just starting out on their spiritual path that I would like to share it with you as encouragement. […]
The universe does not run on Karma, mankind creates it through infatuation with the low frequencies associated with the physical. Why perpetuate that which does not naturally exist.
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